Rupesh Patel

Rupesh R. Patel

President & Chief Operating Officer

Rupesh Patel is the visionary behind Zenique Hotels. Patel has used his skill set to shape a hospitality company that is innovative, cutting edge, and unique. It is well known that Zenique operates with their PEOPLE in mind, which is a result of Rupesh’s desire to create a company with a joyful, transparent, and positive, family like culture. His angle of conducting business by building relationships is a direct reflection of his Father, Raman Patel’s approach. At a young age, his father began teaching him about the family business exposing him to more and more as he grew older. He learned how to maintain a dedicated, focused, and ‘work hard’ mentality while building relationships along the way. His Father always taught him, that relationships are more valuable than any dollar amount; thus, the primary focus should always be PEOPLE.

In his current capacity as President and Chief Operating Officer, he has been trusted to oversee the portfolios operations as well as the company’s acquisitions and developments. His firm understanding of raw numbers has helped him analyze hotel data to find opportunities to develop and operate profitable hotels. He will continue to grow Zenique; however, the desire for rapid growth is outweighed by his desire to lead a company that his people truly enjoy, feel involved, and feel like family. The number hotels Zenique has in their portfolio is not the key metric for Rupesh. What is, is the happiness of his team with organic, sustainable growth.

Patel built his solid foundation at San Diego State University (SDSU), where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Administration and City Planning. At SDSU, Patel learned at an early point in his career the inter-workings of how fundamental developments occurred to ensure a successful and prosperous future with his family’s company. He used his learnings from his father by forging key relationships and became close with collegiate athletes, many of which have gone on to play professionally. He has harnessed those relationships and learned how to keep the hunger of success alive day in and day out.  He learned how to overcome obstacles and setbacks, as well as how to overcome barriers that seemed like they were impossible to climb. His strong belief in understanding views from others in various professions, has taught him how to be versatile and able to adapt to curve balls that come his way.

When Rupesh is not creating positive impacts for Zenique, he enjoys playing basketball, watching professional sports, and enjoying time with friends and family. He is a die-hard Golden State Warriors fan and attends games whenever he gets a chance. He is a car enthusiast and appreciates the uniqueness of rare classics as well as modern day super cars. With so much to enjoy his life, Rupesh notes that it has all been possible because of his parents; whom he gives all the credit to.

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